Advertising is now the No.1 database online for viewing LIVE airport webcams worldwide. Since going live in December 2013 the site’s popularity has grown at such a rate that it passed 700,000 hits
in July 2014.

We are now offering the chance for your ad or web site link to appear in our run-of-site right-hand sidebar. This means the sidebar appears with EVERY page viewed, regardless of where visitors are or which page they arrived at from a search engine or external link.

We have three ad blocks to match all price ranges. Ads must be a maximum of 300 x 300 pixels. If you just want to link to a web site, see right for details on sending us a description of your site.

TOP ad block (top of sidebar) is just £10/CPM (CPM is 1,000 impressions, ie. displays of your ad).
CENTRE ad block is just below it at just £5 CPM.
THIRD ad block is still highly visible and will cost just £2 CPM.

Payment will of course be debited in your local currency if you’re not in the UK. £1 is approximately USD$1.65 or Eur1.25. See for live exchange rates.

As with most web site ad blocks on the Internet, our ad blocks will rotate ads per page view.

To apply, simply click here to open an email, then copy and paste the following required fields into the body of the email. Fill in each field and send us the email.


COMPANY NAME (if applicable) :

URL OF LANDING PAGE (ad click destination) :

URL OF CREATIVE/LOGO/IMAGE (the image required as the ad display) :



If approved (we reserve the right to reject any sites deemed inappropriate), we will email you right back with a link to our payment page.

Payments are processed by Paypal but you do not need a Paypal account – there is a Debit/Credit Card link on the page too.

We will email you when your number of impressions is about to expire.

Thank you for your interest in advertising with