December 6, 2013

Honolulu International Airport Webcam

Honolulu International Airport, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

honolulu Airport Webcam


UTC: -11 ~ TYPE: International, Military

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Notes: Hickam Air Force Base at NW of airport also use these runways. USAF fighters, tankers and transporters can be seen every day.
Frequently used as fuel stop for Boeing 737 customer deliveries to Far East from Boeing Field.

Webcam Viewing Options::

Web site 1

Cam Location: On-Airport. Blue Hawaii Helicopters building, S of Rwy 26R Approach

Cam View: Runways 04/22L&R and 08L/26R.

Cam Refresh Speed: Streaming.

Web site 2 

Cam Location: Off-Airport. Building in Waikiki.

Cam View: Runways 08/26L&R, 04/22L&R.

Cam Refresh Speed: Streaming.

Instructions for viewing airport: Click ‘Control’ icon at bottom right of video window to take control or join queue. When in control, icon changes to green, then select ‘Airport Reef Runway’ (for zoom on Runway 08R/26L) or ‘Home’ (for a wider view) from the drop-down menu at top right of video window (click on video image after selection to make the change).

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