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Naha Airport (Naha Kuko), Naha City, Okinawa Island, Japan (400 miles S. of Japan)

Naha Okinawa Airport webcam


UTC: +9 ~ TYPE: International

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Notes: Naha Air Base shares this airport. Just North is US Marines Air Base Futenma.

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Webcam Viewing Options::

Webcam 1 – (Alternate) ~ VLC

Cam Location: On-Airport. Terminal building.

Cam View: W at Rwy 18/36 & Gates.

Cam Refresh Speed: Streaming.

Notes: Cam has live streaming sound.

Webcam 2

Cam Location: On-Airport. Terminal building (S. pier).

Cam View: W at Rwy 18/36 & Gates.

Cam Refresh Speed: 5-7 minutes manual.

Notes: Camera can display previous 8 frames. Press left button |<< to rewind, then fourth button >> to progress through frames. The middle button > can then be used to cycle through the frames automatically.

Webcam 3Webcam 4

Cam Location: Off-Airport. Okinawa Times building in Naha City.

Cam View: Controllable view of airport terminal, plus Approaches & Departures to/from Runway 18/36.

Cam Refresh Speed: Streaming.

Notes: Click black & white crosshair icon at bottom right to take control, then move vertcal slider to top (maximum zoom). Move horizontal slider (or click on left of video area) until airport terminal can be seen on coastal horizon (see image here for identification aid). Use flight tracking links (left) to determine current app/dep. paths.


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